Free up your resources

Our competitive advantages lie in cost-effective, timely and premier services. ECOVIS Ruide China works out solutions to routine accounting and emergency accounting, as well as simple data entry and complex accounting issues, and provides customized bookkeeping services that go beyond the requirements of routine accounting and are tailored to the specific needs of clients.

ECOVIS Ruide China provides the following accounting services:

- Bookkeeping
- Tax Declaration
- Employee Payroll Accounting
- Social Security/IIT Withholding
- Cashier Service
- Invoicing Service
- Consolidated Financial Statements Preparation/Review
- Interim Accounting Personnel Dispatch
- Foreign Exchange Payment Declaration
- Affiliated Party Loan
- Non-trade Foreign Exchange Payment
- Secretarial Services such as Company Seal Management
- Annual EIT Clearance, Annual Combinative Inspection, Customs Inspection and AIC Inspection