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Cross border investment

Author:Pingwen HU

In recent years, due to the huge potential of China's consumer goods market, more and more global retailers turn their attention to China. Ten years ago, not only were there few choices of goods, but payment and after-sales were extremely inconvenient. With the rise of e-commerce industry, not only consumers have updated their consumption habits, but also enterprises have more dual investment channels of traditional mode and e-commerce mode. ECOVIS Ruide China explains to you how foreign companies invest in China through diagrams:

New rules on cross-border RMB

Author:Helen FANG

At the turn of the new year, the Circular on Further Optimizing the Cross-border RMB Policy to Support the Stabilization of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (YinFa [2020] No. 330) (hereinafter referred to as ‘Circular No. 330’) was published, which can further promote the role of cross-border RMB in the substantial economy. Circular No. 330 makes adjustments on cross-border RMB settlement process, bank account use, investment and financing management, etc.

14 provinces and cities issued an announcement Social Insurance Premiums fully collected by tax authorities

Author:Edmund CAO

We have learned that on 30 October 2020, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, State Administration of Taxation, Shanghai Taxation Bureau and Shanghai Medical Security Bureau jointly issued a notice regarding Announcement on the Payment of Corporate Social Insurance Premiums to Tax Authorities that from 1 November 2020, all the social insurance premiums of enterprise employees will be uniformly imposed by the tax authorities.